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Managed Services for Business

You want to work on your business, not the technology. We can keep you productive and keep you up and running. Wired and wireless networking that's smooth, reliable and can keep employees focused on their work.  


Cloud based networking allows for quick adjustments when needed as well as great insight into the network and its traffic.  

Monitoring will report problems often before you know about them. Drive failures, malware, and making sure backups are up to date are just a few of the processes we can keep an eye on.  

Software updates and maintenance are also automated. You don't have to decide if this update is OK to install. It's already been checked out for you.  


We also offer remote assistance to get you back up and running more quickly. Add to this a fixed monthly cost which gives you peace of mind.  

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Services for Home

Need help setting up your new Mac, iPhone or iPad? Need a wireless network that can really cover your home? These are common problems and are often easy to fix. Want to keep the kids off the wifi after a certain time? Or just filter what they can see on the internet? There are tools for that as well.  

We can monitor your computers for problems often even before you know they've become problems. And we can take the headache of software updates out of your hands so you can focus on the other things in your life.  

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